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 Take Piano Lessons From Me! 

Why piano lessons?

I will not quote studies on parallels between academic performance and music, brain development and music, or health and music here.  I am not a schoolteacher, a neurologist, or a physician.  I am however a reasonably good musician who began a musical education early in life and so I will tell you in my own words why music is important to me.  I will say that playing music has added so much to my life that it would be difficult to imagine my life without it.

In childhood, I learned about discipline from music.  In adolescence, I learned about how to cooperate with others when playing and how to channel emotions, positive and otherwise, into creative channels.  In my adult life, I have learned to serve with music, I serenaded my wife-to-be with my music, engaged my children with music.  Throughout my life, I have written many songs for those I love, which is probably the most rewarding of all these experiences.

Why should you hire me?

My experiences with music education have taught me that it is often one thing to be a talented musician, and quite another to be a good teacher.  One of my strengths as a teacher is flexibility in approach.  I usually supplement sight reading with composition, ear training, improvisation, and theory depending on the approach the best suits the student.  I also have a passion for teaching, especially when teaching children (although I do enjoy teaching students of all ages).  Also, my services are reasonably priced and I may be willing to travel to you depending on your location.

My own ratings of my skills:

Percentage of my life playing music.
Works well with children